“Kindness Month” at Jefferson

Jefferson School marked February as “Kindness Month” with students and their families using the written word to express their gratitude to the school’s teachers, paraprofessionals, administrators and other staff members.

 More than 300 Gratitude Notes flooded the school last month.  Many of the notes adorn the hallway bulletin boards; others were compiled and presented to staff members at month’s end to enjoy.

 “Positive energy can be contagious,” says parent volunteer Susan Edwards who, with fellow parent Erin Hughes, teamed up with staff members of the Professional Learning Community (PLC) on the schoolwide project.  “Our goal was to create some positive energy and inspire the kids, families and staff to be grateful for the good things that happen each day at school.”

 Sentiments expressed to Jefferson’s staff members included notes of gratitude to the custodians for their hard work in maintaining the school and its grounds, to teachers for inspiring a love of books, to those who make Jefferson “a better place,” and appreciation to a staffer for a simple fist bump in the hallway.  

 “With Valentine’s Day being in February, we often associate it with love, friendship and kindness.  Therefore, the idea of Kindness Month evolved,” Jefferson principal Susie Hung explains.  “Having a positive attitude and a sense of appreciation can go a long way in life.  It is wonderful that our students and families had an opportunity to share their gratitude notes with the staff.”

 Teachers Tracy Ciotti (art), Sally Heyder (librarian/media specialist), Jaime LaRosa (school counselor) and Wendy Woodfield (music) are members of the PLC group which Hung says “designs activities to create a strong school community and a sense of pride for our students and staff.”

 “We hope that our Jefferson staff feels the love from our community,” adds Edwards.  “And we hope that our entire Jefferson community and staff might feel inspired to continue to express their gratitude.”

Source: Westfield Public Schools